Ideal Closure?

Ideal Closure?

Available Diameters

Regional Availability
North America
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Suitable for both glass and plastic containers, the Ideal Closure? offers a great deal of branding flexibility on the center disk. The closure is suitable for multiple filling processes including hot and cold fill, dry seal, pasteurization and retort. The Ideal Closure? is capable of high-speed application on a rotary capper (up to 1000cpm), but limited to speeds up to 200cpm on inline cappers.

Markets Served

Baby Food / Baby Drinks, Confectionery, Cooking Sauces, Dairy Products, Dressings & Condiments, Fruits & Desserts, Juices & Drinks, Nutritional & Health Drinks, Nuts & Dry Food, Pet Food, Pickles, Powdered Drinks, Preserves, Ready Meals & Soups, Spreads & Paté, Vegetables